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Sculpted Orc Bust

Hey, here is my first try with Zbrush!
It was so much fun to sculpt this orc head, getting a lot of inspiration from the orcs in the Warcraft’s film. There are a lot of things I should have done differently, of course. I will keep these in mind for my future sculptings, that’s for sure!
It took me around 6 hours to make exclusively in Zbrush. I didn’t take the time to paint it as it was mainly a sculpting exercise. I still need to learn how to properly unwrap the UV’s in Zbrush so I can paint afterward in Substance Painter (and I still need to learn how to use Substance Painter…).
The rendered pictures were made in Maya using Arnold renderer.
So yeah, I hope you guys like it and, please, give me some feedback/advice so I could improve faster :)

EDIT: I finally painted it using Substance Painter. So it is my first time painting only with this program! It's so powerful, I love it.