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Game-Ready 3D Character (Student Project)

Hi folks!
I'm so proud to be able to show you this 3D character design, at last. It was such an intense school project with so many different technical things to learn, from sculpting to integrating into Unreal Engine, passing through retopologising, rigging, and animating. Pfiew!
She is the same character as my Overwatch style character I did a few weeks ago, way more realistic though.
I hope you like it, my friends! :D I definitely loved working on it and I will do more 3D Real-Time characters in the future.
See you!

Turntable - Unreal Engine

Turntable Close Up - UE4

Idle Animation - UE4

Show-Off Animation - UE4

Turntable A-Pose - Marmoset

Marmoset Viewer

Marmoset Viewer Custom